How to Earn the IBM Emptoris Telecom Expense Management Technical Mastery Test v2

Gaining an IT certification is considered as one of the best means for a certain professional to make it big in the competitive IT world. As you know, it is not easy to stand out in today’s competitive IT world, having the right certification can be used as your great tool for you to stand out.IBM certification is known as your best tips to stand out in the industry.
IBM certification is considered as an essential credential that is in demand in today’s competitive world. IBM Emptoris Telecom Expense Management Technical Mastery Test v2 is a top-notch certification.


Description of IBM Emptoris Telecom Expense Management Technical Mastery Test v2
IBM Emptoris Telecom Expense Management Technical Mastery Test v2 certification is an ideal certification designed for IT professional who wants to prove skills in IBM Emptoris Telecom Expense Management.

This cerification can cover the technical knowledge that is required for managing, identifying and closing sales opportunities. The test is designed for the sales representatives who discover the technical knowledge and sales for the sales professional who could deliver a comprehensive business solutions business solutions.

Details of IBM Emptoris Telecom Expense Management Technical Mastery Test v2 Exam
IBM P2050-059 exam has 35 multiple choice questions. The allowed time to complete the exam is only 75 minutes. The required passing score for the exam is only 71% and the exam is available in English language only.

Topics for IBM Emptoris Telecom Expense Management Technical Mastery Test v2
• Section 1 IBM TEM Overview 9%
• Section 2 Service Order Manager 17%
• Section 3 Inventory Engine 17%
• Section 4 Contract Management 11%
• Section 5 Finance Management 17%
• Section 6 Clarity Reporting 11%
• Section 7 IBM Telecom Portal 17%

Ways to Pass the P2050-059 Exam
In order to gain the certification, it would be great if you can prepare well for it, You have to make sure that all the materials you have on hand is offered by the best provider. Keep in mind that there are several exam materials and you have to select the one that can truly provide what you needed.

There are several materials that you can use when preparing for Emptoris Telecom Expense Management Technical Mastery Test v2 certification. Keep in mind that in any IT certification there’s a designated material that you can use. It is a must if you can collect the best exam materials for the credential. These are practice test, brain dumps, pdf and ebooks by Certschief Once you gain the credential, it can be used as your main ticket to guarantee that you can stand out in the competitive world of information technology You can use this as you main tool to show everyone your worth.

Most Beautiful good night quotes for friends

good night quotesDream of the top, climb from step to step.
Wake up and ask yourself: what steps will go up today?
Lie back and ask yourself: what steps I climbed today?
Success is a result of our daily actions.

Today not despise me … Do not let me dream a dream
that is not your own!

Dream big, dream very high, high enough that your dream is so high as to drive you out of the ground and go to fight.

If it is to dream, dream of the impossible and see it all turn into reality right in front of your eyes.

Think, dream, act like you want.

What weight has dream? If you have no weight, dream big. It gives the same job!

Dream, has wonderful dreams and make possible.

AME with all his strength, LUTE by a dream, good morning quotes DREAM! SING! DANCE! hold someone with your soul, KISS! Tell people how they are important to you, DO NOT BE AFRAID to say “I LOVE YOU” run as a time to speak and demonstrate all this …

Who prays before sleeping in peace lies and soon falls asleep. Dream the dreams of God, certainly they are better q yours. love quotes Do not kid yourself: faith is not found, that God will do what you want. Faith is believing that He will do what is best for you.

When you say things, I do not want to just listen,
I want you to feel and dream with me too!

Dream, can envision frases curtas de amor a future that makes our life more pleasant, so dream, but dream awake and strive to make these dreams come true-, otherwise, better keep dreaming just sleeping.

is utopian dream, fantasize and make sure everything will work out, you are the builder of your future, make fiction belas Mensagens De Amor lasting reality, believe me, you can transform utopia indeed

Dream to travel. Travel for free.

Just dream up, let all what say, then just dream for a day to get there, the unexpected.


Being too realistic
is what do we imprisons
Taking us to be pessimistic
Making us hostages of fear
Allow yourself, risk is
Dreaming is WHAT makes us free
is WHAT motivates us,
Louder and louder, Dream
It shaper in nobles
is WHAT moves us!

Dream, fight, believe follow your thoughts and not what you feel and at the end you’ll be where you should be

Never look into the crisis; dream first with creativity, opening doors to new opportunities for creative work.

Fight, believe, dream and win!

Dream and have faith

Always dream big!
No matter the place you came, color or shape. Always be your best!

Do not try to be happy with someone who makes you happy. Dream of wonders, and when someone hold your hand and want to walk with you . Make them!

Dream on, but do not hold the illusion

Dream to wake up and can accomplish. It all starts with a dream; the dream is the basis of achievement.

Dream about what you want

“Smile, play, cry, kiss, die of love, feel, dream, cry and, above all, alive. The end is not always the end. Life is not always real. The past is not always passed. This not always was and now is not always now. Everything that goes around comes around. and if you go back is because it is made of love. ”

little dream or dream big, top 10 list  the important thing is not getting off the jump. Not worth descends to the level of sadness and hopelessness. brave woman is one who swallows fear and face the challenges, without losing time with best quotes “if” and “maybe.” Go through life is the rule, and if so, the people parading pass


Games to help children concentrate

Kids are usually full of liveliness, and that is the way it must be. Nevertheless, it is also vital for children to build up the skill of focusing that liveliness properly.

Many kids uncover it hard to concentrate, particularly at a little age when every interruption around them draws their inquisitive attention. In spite of the reality that this is pretty usual, it is vital that kids improve their attentiveness skills as they get mature.


Keeping a good stability of both attentiveness and inquisitiveness in little kids is primary to honing their academic and social abilities for years ahead.

Half the fight, by the way, is making sure that the activities developed to improve attentiveness are as light and engaging as likely. Whereas aggressive game may be an amazing way to teach your kid’s body, meditation activities aspire to ameliorate their brain and compel them to stop and imagine before carrying out a particular mission. This shows a confrontation to them and supports them to put forth an attempt psychologically as much as they would do in the playground.

You must have seen at some entertainment activities made to assist your kids to concentrate more efficiently. Keep in mind: it is necessary to become accustomed to the level of complexity to their particular level of information. If these activities are too hard, they are expected to simply lose attention.

Tongue twisters

This well-liked game is a superb way to ameliorate your kid’s attentiveness and articulation skills. in addition to being an entertaining and fun activity, it excites their hearing reminiscence and is helpful for acquiring pace and correctness when talking.

Here are a number of ordinary tongue twisters to begin with:

  • I may imagine of 6 thin items, but I may imagine of 6 thick items too.
  • If you desire to purchase, purchase, if you don’t want to purchase, good bye!
  • They vend sea shells by the beach.

Missing numbers

This is an outstanding game that has a double function: it ameliorates both numeracy and concentration.

The game is very straightforward: you have to calculate – it doesn’t matter what the progression is – missing particular numbers out infrequently. For example: “five, six, seven, eight, ten…” Kids must yell out the number you missed the moment they grasp – nine, in this situation.

Moreover, you may easily enhance the level of complexity by counting in multiples or even counting toward the back.

Memory games

Games like Memory –in which kids require to keep in mind the place of picture squares – or Simon – which assists them to learn by heart sequences of image and aural stimuli – will support your kids to pay full concentration in order to reach a solution.

Kids are normally aggressive and adore winning. Because of this, their complete range of senses will be prolonged in order solve this kind of puzzles available on cool math games run.


Picture and Crossword puzzles may be amazing tools to ameliorate a kid’s attentiveness. While crosswords ameliorate concentration regarding the way in which words and letters are used; picture puzzles – in which the teen has to seek items that are misplaced within the image or look for things that are tough to find – ameliorate concentration and visual focus.

NBA Superstars 2016

The NBA is famous for its featured highest-paid and top-class players. Enlisted below are NBA superstars 2016 and their NBA scores:

1. LeBron Raymone James

James is the famous player of Cleveland Cavaliers of NBA. James led Cleveland Cavaliers to their first Finals appearance in 2007, losing to the San Antonio Spurs.

With winning three championships, James has set himself apart of the other players. They player has been vibrant throughout the career, with winning the Most Valuable Player awards four times in 2009,10,12,13 and three times the Finals most valuable player awards. He has been the team’s all-time leading scorer.

2. Kevin Wayne Durant

Selected in the second draft of NBA in 2007, Durant has been a great name in basketball. Initially selected by the Seattle SuperSonics, James relocated to Oklahoma City Thunder. He led the thunders to finals in 2012, losing to Miami heat. He played nine seasons for Oklahoma City Thunders before he joined the Golden State Warriors in 2016.

3. Stephen Curry

Wardell Stephen Curry II is the son of former NBA player and brother to a current NBA player. Selected with the seventh overall pick in the NBA draft 2009, the player has been playing great for the Golden State Warriors. Curry holds the title of NBA All-Star Weekend Skills Challenge.

He also received the NBA sportsmanship award. The player made his debut in season 2014-15 when he recorded a season-high 51 points over the mavericks. He was voted as the NBA MVP.

4. Chris Paul

Christopher Emmanuel, commonly known as Chris Paul, is currently a player for the Los Angeles Clippers. The player has served NBA as the president of NBA’s Players’ association since 2013. He also made it up to one of the world’s highest-paid sportsmen. Paul was won several awards. He won the NBA Rookie of the Year award. Also, he won two Olympic gold medals for his participation in NBA Olympics Basketball. He has been NBA All-star nine times. And selected to eight ALL-NBA teams. Paul led the Demon Deacons to achieve number one ranking.

Paul was initially selected by the New Orleans but traded to the LA Clippers in 2011.

5. Russell Westbrook Jr.

Westbrook was selected with the fourth pick in the NBA draft 2008 by the Seattle Supersonics. He relocated to Oklahoma City Thunders within six days of his selection and plays for them to the date. Westbrook has also represented the US team twice and has won gold medals in 2010.

He has been NBA All-Star for five times and two-times NBA All-Star Game MVP. He won consecutive awards in 2015-16.

6. Kawhi Anthony Leonard

Leonard was selected with the 15th pick in the NBA draft 2011 by the Indiana Pacers. He was traded to San Antonio on the same night. He has been playing for San Antoni Spurs since then. Leonard has won an NBA championship, playing for the SA spurs. He won two times the award of NBA defensive player of the year in ’15 and ’16.

That’s for today. For more NBA scores please stay tuned. You can watch NBA live stream and stay informed about how to watch NBA live stream.

Shrink Wrap Machines; best machine at all output levels

What is shrink wrap machine?

Shrink wrap machine is mostly used in packaging in is referred to a machine that is used in heating shrink packaging. Shrink wrap is a material that is made of polymer plastic film. It shrinks strongly over covering when heat is applied to it.Shrink wrap machine shrinks a plastic film that is around a product and this is done by applying heat on it. It includes a heat source and sealer.Open ends of the shrink film are closed by sealer while heat is applied by the source to shrink down the film to the product that is going to be wrapped.A heat gun is used as a source in the industries that have low output operations. Shrink wrap machines are manual, semi-automatic and automatic as well.  Item is covered by shrink wrap machine, it is then sent over a tunnel which is very heated or considered it as heated oven for the purpose of shrinking purpose. Many kinds of shrink wrap machines are available for use. They can be available for a variety of purposes and uses. Their application is very huge and they can be used in a variety of industries. So shrink machines are best machines for all output levels.

Shrink wrap machines are used to wrap many different kinds of packaging.  These includes:

  • Bags or pouches
  • Blister packs
  • Jars or cans
  • Bottles and cases
  • Capsules
  • Aerosol containers
  • Drums and kegs
  • Trays and cups
  • Cartridges
  • Pallets
  • Vials
  • Tubes

Working of shrink wrap machine:

Materials are supplied in very different ways through shrink wrap machines. These includes center-folded film, pre-formed shrink bags, and flat rollstock. The product is well wrapped by flat roll stock shrink wrap. Then a roll of shrink wrap is supplied by center-folded film machine. Plastic is placed in the center of the machine and before that it is folded and divided into half. Shrink wrap remaining edges are sealed. It takes the form of a bag and then packages is heated. Heat cause the product that is in the bag to shrink.

Another option of shrink wrap machine is pre-formed bags. Their working is like that their bags have an opening at one end, allow the product to be placed in thebag. They sealed the bag, after that they shrink it.

Additional Features of Shrink Wrap Machine:

These features include:

  • Hazardous location protection
  • Sanitary options
  • Processor interface
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Portability
  • Feeding Device
  • Robotic Automation


Types of Shrink Wrap Sealer:

There are two kinds of Shrink Wrap Machines.

  1. Smaller Shrink Wrap Machines
  2. Industrial Shrink Wrap Machines

Smaller Shrink wrap Machines are one step systems, heat guns and shrink wrap tunnels. These devices are just for a single purpose. These are only part of theprocess of shrink-wrapping.

Industrial Shrink Wrap Machines are needed by large manufacturers and industries. These machines are automated machine and all in one. In a minute these machines have the capacity to wrap and tighten shrink wrap over tons of packages. These machines are very complex and extremely huge. Industrial shrink wrap machines include themselves on theassembly line and on the large shrink wrap ovens or tunnels after the solicitation of material.

Shrink wrap machines are widely used in all kinds of manufacturing industries and its uses suggest that is best for all the output levels.

8 most popular types of playing cards games


It is no secret that playing cards games are very popular. But there are some games that are more famous than others and this is what has made these games land in our list of 8 most popular types of custom playing cards games. To find out what these popular game types are, keep reading ahead in the article.

Popular types of playing cards games

The 8 most popular types of card games that people love to play are the following.

  1. Crazy Eights

Crazy eights is one of the most popular types of card games that require 2 to 7 players to play it. This game is much similar to UNO because all it requires to do is to make matching card pairs of similar suits or colors. The first player to make the maximum pairs till his/her set of cards finishes wins.

  1. Slapjack

Slapjack is another very popular type of card deck games. It is also known as slap and is played with any standard deck of cards. The game is so simple to play that it is one of the few games that is played as the introductory game to learn playing cards. Slapjack is particularly a favorite amongst children.

  1. Golf

No by Golf we don’t mean the game you play with a golf ball on grass grounds. We are talking about a very popular cards game that is played using card decks. The fun thing about this game is that it has many versions – it can be played with 4 cards, 6 cars, 8 cards or 9 cards.

  1. Go Fish

Super fun and super easy – everybody simply loves to play Go Fish! There are many good things about Go Fish but the one thing which is hard to beat about this game is that it can even be played by very little kids and its well-compatibility with all age groups makes it very popular.

  1. Basic Poker

Of course if you talk about popular and loved card games, it is definitely hard to leave out the classics from it. This is what makes Basic poker one of the most popular card games that has been around for decades and still is going as strong.

  1. 5 Cards Draw

There are not many reasons that make 5 cards draw popular but yes the one reason which definitely makes it people’s favorite is that it is much similar to Poker. So it is treated as being a substitute for poker most of the times.

  1. 500

The one reason why 500 is such famous game is that it is a very tricky and mind challenging game. Many people love challenges and want to try something that is mind boggling instead of playing easy games just for fun sake.

  1. Gin Rummy

Hands down Gin rummy is a peoples’ favorite when they want to play a fun game on a Saturday night with their friends. It is a simple game with very easy rules to follow.


ustad instagram

Review for the Spotify and Instagram update

Today we are going to talk about the app that has bring the revolutionary changes in the market is rocking the table which means that it is fighting the big guns. The thing that amazes me more is that how easily this app is challenging the top guns without even showing the file on the faces. Well, that is right no freckles on the faces this app is covering grounds and showing that it has more adaptability than any other out there.

Spotify is the app that promotes music. Promoting music means streaming the music, uploading the new music and sharing that music with others. That music can be shared with lots of people that are around and online. The Spotify app has it own profile setup. Now the app is so small yet so large that app has a catalog of 30 million songs or you can say fine music accessible on the palm of the hands. As I have already talked about the profile factor this gives the app a cheat to tool talk about the music share that 30 million music and tell other that what you are listening is good.

While the app itself is the veteran of the market it has been there too long to get acknowledged by the society.

Such profile making feature is always important for social media like Instagram too. You can just buy instagram followers to get started.

The streaming factor is making others app left behind in its wake. Now the app itself has been up on three different platforms if you ask me this is huge. This means that now not only the app is out there and has been long enough to be  out there but it can be multi-versatile so if you change the platform you can simply shift to other platforms without having a problem.

There is multirange of things hat can be done with the app, for example, you can stream the music you can listen to the music you can hear update add and delete the music.

The Surface pro adaptability

Spotify is also available on surface pro it like the other apps but more powerful than them. There are millions of the songs  and still you don’t have to pay for the month. When we look deep inside we will get what kind of the music we want. The video mode and the podcast mode will give the app the heights she is striving for.

Video more will add the official videos of the song and podcast will live showcase people playing the guitars and the singing the songs on the-the app while being live. Your profile has a playlist that can be shared with your friends and many other people that are out theirs. The playlist can listen as a whole or any song that is there.

If you buy real instagram followers, then you can share the same videos on Instagram too. The feature is more amazing and helps in ranking fast.

Third Party Logins

The facebook has given the app the third party logging feature you don’t need to make the new account or sign up with your email download and just give the permissions it needs and there you go the app is easily there on your mobile without you going for  all the troubles of registering and sharing. However Instagram does not allows the third party logins.